Friday, 25 November 2011

Lets Go Chipper! Program Launches at Barnes & Noble - Award-winning Series is Nature-inspired, Playfully Teaching Good Character in Children

San Francisco, California (PRWEB) August 30, 2011

With a goal to inspire family connections in nature and positively impact the social and emotional development of young children, Bay Area family entertainment company Its all Good media (IAGmedia, Inc.) launches its award-winning, eco-educational series Lets Go Chipper! Into the Great Outdoors into select Barnes & Noble stores today. Stores will feature end-cap and video displays of the premiere animated and live action DVD which also includes a bonus CD of award-winning music.

Winner of iParentings "Hot Product" Award and Family Fun/Disney.coms Top Ten Video Award, the DVD and bonus CD tell the story of Chipper, an overly curious city squirrel, who uses music, mishap and humor to playfully teach children about nature and the environment and the importance of respecting and caring for others. Children follow along as Chipper ventures into the great outdoors with his family on their first camping trip. It doesnt take long for Chipper to get lost but with the help of his eco-friends big and small he is returned safely to his parents with many conscientious lessons to share along with a new found love for nature.

The program offers many Chipper Tips which empower kids and parents to explore confidently and curiously together. Research shows interactions with nature play an important role in a child's development including building problem solving and critical thinking skills, creativity and positive social relationships.

Positive connections in the great outdoors directly benefit the physical and emotional well-being of a child beginning at the earliest age and we want to get them ready to go so parents will feel more confident about the experience, says creator Stephanie Rach-Wilson. We are thrilled to work with Barnes & Noble and help connect the store to communities through in-store events and our eco-educational and fun series that helps foster meaningful conversations and connections between children and parents, and with nature.

The company will list in-store events featuring story time, play-based activities and crafts for young children and visits from Chipper on its Lets Go Chipper Facebook page and announcements on Twitter.

The DVD includes a bonus music video White Sand, Blue Water which encourages kids to dance along with Peabody, a boogying brown bear. The DVD package also includes a bonus CD featuring 5 original songs featured in the video; Im Chipper, The Smore Song, We All Live In The Great Outdoors, Blue Planet Green, and The Sun Comes Up, The Sun Goes Down.

Lets Go Chipper! Into the Great Outdoors was produced by Bay Area based IAGmedia, a conscientious media company delivering products and programs that help instill respect, empathy, and a mindset to contribute to family and community. In addition to the DVD, the company offers a series of movies, music, books, and educational apps for children, 18 months to 8 years.

The book series is available currently on the company site,

Chipper Ambassadors from around the world have joined the journey sharing tips and experiences that help keep families on the go for good, and provide ideas for child-friendly activities in nature. To inquire about being a Chipper Ambassador or to book a Chipper Story time, please email connect(at)letsgochipper(dot)com.


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